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Filming in Jerusalem, Israel

Filming in Jerusalem takes a special prep-work. Many different bodies control various parts of Jerusalem and when filming in Jerusalem one has to account for all: religious organizations, security, city, antiquity, Army, police and more. Hocus Focus Films, Israel specializes in Filming in Jerusalem!

      religious sites in IsraelThe Holly Land
  Israeli film crew- Filming in Israel
Israeli film crew- Filming nature in Israel Israeli film crew- Filming in Jerusalem
nice places in Israel Israeli film crew, Filming in Israel Old places in Israel Parks in Israel
Jerusalem film crew The wailing wall Temple mount in Israel  
  Israeli film crew Israeli film fixer  

Hocus Focus Films, Israel, specializes in providing comprehensive location scouting and hunting, film productions services and logistics solutions for foreignproduction companies filming & shooting in Israel.

This is just a sample of our locations in Jerusalem. We specialize in finding and obtaining permission to film or shoot in the most sensitive areas in Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Sinai .

To cut Red Tapes, achieve Green Lights, and avoid Blue Holes... Contact a production house that can accommodate ALL your needs.

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