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A documentary film 52:00 min.
Screening format: 35MM
Shooting format: Video Beta SP, DV-Cam, film 8MM, film 16MM, Frame-by-frame animation.

© Micha Kovler


broken71.jpgA cross between the private history of Shalom Reiser and the general history of Israel - the people, the nation. Shalom Reiser was a painter who worked with Picasso and Schagall in Paris in the 50's, fell in love with a Parisian woman named Michelle and lost his mind when she left him.
broken14s.jpg Since 1959 Shalom has been hospitalized in mental institutions in Israel. He passed away in 2000. R.I.P.


The film was partly funded by Makor fund for original documentary films and is in the final phases of post-production.

All works by Shalom Reiser





Participants : Lee Trifon
  Beni Avni

Producer / Director : Micha Kovler
Camera : Barak Tal
  Elad Debi
  Uri Montilia
  Animation Shots : Eitan Ben-Arie
  Plasteline Pupets : Noga Ariel

Sound : Tal Ram-On

Music : Original

Editing & Sound Design : Micha Kovler
Editing Stodios : JCS studios
Partial Funding : Makor Fund for Original Films


Broken is a cross between the private history of Shalom Reiser- a painter whose been hospitalized for forty years in shelter homes in Israel for being mentally ill- and between our own general history - as a people, as a nation - Israelis.
Shalom was born in Poland, and at the age of six moved with his family to Viena. He was saved from the Nazi horror machine due to his painting talent- a talent which brought him to Bezalel - the famed Jerusalem art school, and to Israel in 1939. In 1948 Shalom moved to Paris, working there in the company of Picasso and Mark Chagall. He fell in love with Michelle - a Parisian girl.
After seven years of shared life, due to antisemitic biases of her family, and some say due to Michelle´s love for women... The couple separated.
Shalom crashes, shatters, brakes, loses his sanity.

Since then, for nearly forty years, Shalom is institutionalized in mental hospitals across the country. Michelle´s face lines appear in all his paintings.

The sad and fascinating private history of Shalom is being used as a vehicle, or a metaphor, to tell the story of a person who was not able to guard and protect himself. Through this private story, a wider story is being revealed, story of people who were not able to guard themselves in the past, and are unknowingly making critical errors in the present, in the psychological, sociological, cultural and moral aspects.
The Sad-Eyed People

I have no intention to lecture, but to tell a story, a legend, like one that is told to a child before he goes to bed. As the child´s eyes shuts and his soul travels to far away land, his sub-conscious starts to decipher info given to him while his eyes were still open.