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hocus focus films specializes in providing comprehensive production services for foriegn production companies filming & shooting documentaries and feature films in israel. profeesional fixers, location hunting and all other aspects of services for foreign production companies filming in israel.
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a documentary film 50:00 min.
commissiones by israel's ch.1
language: arabic & hebrew

a tv film produced for israel's ch. 1, concerned with the life and death of colonel hussein amar r.i.p., an israeli officer who was killed in lebanon by the hizbullah in 1996


the film elaboretes on the phenomenon of druz identity in israel, a country dominated by jews.


participants : ali amar, salman, nabil and kadem amar, amar family
executive producers : salman & nabil amar
director : tal ram-on
producer : micha kovler
camera : barak tal, giora bejach, elad debi
sound : ilan rozenberg, shai kaplan
music : arik sattie
script : tal ram-on
editing & sound design : mickey kovler
prod. assistant : bat-chen kovler & liat stolarski
edit assistant : hadas pikarski